Cherries here! Get your cherries!

One of the recurring themes you will find here at indiafairellen is be aware of the seasons. This means everything from the weather to the holidays to what is freshest to eat. In this case we are talking about cherries. The season is almost at a close and they are juicy and ripe, bursting with flavour.

I take a small bit of time to fill my life with vignettes. A vignette is a “small, pleasing picture or view” focusing on one or several items. This is about arranging the simple items in your life so that they make you FEEL something. In these hot summer months when stone fruit is best we should consume as much of it as we can. Cherries are at the height of their season in July and the first two weeks of August. There are many things one can do with them, pie, crostata, jam, ice cream…..but the simplest and often best way to enjoy cherries also happens to be what indiafairellen is all about. “Life is like a bowl of cherries.”

Go. Buy a sack of cherries. If you are lucky you will get a paper bag of them from a road side stand or farmers market. But you know what? You are STILL lucky that you can get them at your local grocer! When you get home give them a good wash and dry and then put them in something you like. Maybe it’s an old colander that you got secondhand for your first apartment, or a crystal bowl from your wedding, or a hand thrown clay pot you bought while traveling. Now, put the cherries in that vessel and place them on your counter, on your kitchen table, on your coffee table. Isn’t it beautiful?

This, my friends, is a vignette. In it’s simplest form. The bowl makes you have good feelings about something, the cherries are tactile, shiny and juicy. You have, very easily just made your home more beautiful and inspired yourself to eat something that is healthy for you. Voila. Vignette.

About indiafairellen

Chef, restaurateur, writer, traveller, domestic goddess, gardener, Brooklyn girl~New Bostonian.Re-discovering & re-inventing myself. Enjoying the ride.I am a woman on a mission to make your life more beautiful, delicious, healthy, relaxing, sexy, & fun, without you feeling overwhelmed so that you can enjoy it!

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  1. i love, love love cherries. my favorite fruit. ever.

  2. Samantha Pailloux

    After almost forgetting about the two bags of organic cherries I received from our co-op delivery service I am so excited to bake some cherry cobbler or pie. Hmm…yum yum!

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